How do I get started?

Ans: Please follow these steps –

  1. Sign-up and fill all the details to complete your “Company Profile”.
  2. Currently as a promotional offer we are giving you upto 6 Bids free. i.e. you can send upto 6 proposals to companies. Once your 6 bids are over you can recharge your account with desired amount to send more bids. The account information is provided in the Account recharge option. You can do online transfer or issue a cheque.
  3. For sending bids go to “View requirements” section, there you will find latest requirements from clients. Carefully go thru the description and selection criteria, once you decide you want to bid for that requirement pay the bid amount. The bid amount will automatically get deducted from your account balance.
  4. Once the bid amount is paid, you can write a detailed response, attach any ppt, word docs, provide client references etc and submit the response.
  5. You can track the stage of your response on the dashboard. Once the client shortlists you, you will get a confirmation email with client contact details in it. 

How do I know if client has seen my response?

Ans: Once you have paid the bid amount and sent the proposal to the client, you can track the stage-wise status of your proposal. The various statuses are “Response sent”, “Response viewed”, “Client Call Back Requested”.

Where do I contact for any kind of support?

Ans: We at VendorFrog are happy to provide you with the best customer service experience. You can email us at support@vendorfrog.com or call us at +91 606 606 70.

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